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March 20th, 2012:

A dedication video to all those girls from Miramar High School in Florida Class of ’85

News archive: Looking back on the MHS class of ’76 (in 1986)

The Class Of `76 Miramar Graduates Make Their Marks Outside Of School

August 22, 1986, By JOANNE STANLEY, Sun-Sentinel Staff Writer

Miramar High School`s Class of 1976 was something special.

“The students came from all over the county,” said Bill Gilmartin of Hollywood, still the assistant administrator at Miramar High School. The school boundary extended far beyond the city of Miramar when it opened during the 1970-1971 school year.

“There was no identification there for a while,” Gilmartin said.

But the class of `76 changed all that. For the first time the basketball and football games were well-attended and after-school activities became popular. *read article*

Alvin Aureliano Davis, Finalist For National Teacher Of The Year

News: The Huffington Post

Miramar High School music teacher Alvin Aureliano Davis has made it to the semi-finals for the National Teacher of the Year award. Davis has taught for more than 11 years, eight of which were in his current position at Miramar High School. He also has numerous achievements under his belt, including the 2012 Florida Teacher of the Year award. *read the story*

Broward League of Cities announces four new Student Ambassadors

NEWS: Westside Gazette

The new Broward League of Cities student ambassadors are Miramar resident Jocelyn Flores of Miramar High, Weston resident Zach Gorwitz of Cypress Bay High School, Cooper City resident Brian Mazur of McFatter Technical High School, and Lauderdale Lakes …

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