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The Last Kiss, 1997 memorial video

While researching the song history of “The Last Kiss”, I learned that two popular teenage sweethearts from Miramar High-school were killed in a fatal car crash on September 14, 1997. In a sad coincidence, the victims Dawn Arce and Wildy McKinley, had the same last names as Jorge and me. Hence, we felt it our destiny to make this distracted driving music video. Unfortunately, all of us probably know someone special who tragically died in a motor vehicle accident, such as my best friend from high school-Mike Hite. Please, join us in reducing the number of fatal motor vehicle accidents caused by distracted driving and failure to wear seat-belts by sharing this video with those you cherish and love. Band members from left to right: Eddie Colon-Bass Guitar; Juan Sepulveda-Latin Percussions; John Blanche-Recording Engineer; Jorge Arce-Lead Guitar& Vocals; Manny Blanco-Keyboards; Robert I. McKinley-Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar; George Salazar-Drums; and Sindy Lee (not shown) -Vocals. Special thanks to our video producer Doug Mitchell and his talented crew of actors from Universal Studios, Florida.

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